All adults in scouting should be aware of their responsibilities in the adult training scheme. Exactly what parts are complulsory is governed by the role you hold.The key principles of the scheme are on page 5 and an explnation of what is meant by learning, validation and ackowledging prior learning is on page 6. The module matrix starts on page 11 and maps modules to roles.To down load full document please click Adult training scheme or follow this link

As an adult learner your training adviser is your main point of contact and he or she will act as a mentor helping you through your training. To help with this the "adults personal file" has been produced and to download the file please click Adults personal file or follow this link

Please contact the District Commissioner, Andy, if you have any questions on

Please note that training documents are updated by The Scout Association at least once a year, using the links above will take you to the most recent document.