Cooper Lane Campsite

Cooper Lane is a beautiful green space near the centre of Norwich. It is ideal for back to basics Scouting weekend Camping. 

It is 3.7 acres of woodland and glades adjacent to the River Yare. It is maintained by a small group of volunteers to provide a semi-wild ambiance. Despite the feeling of isolation on site it is conveniently located for shops and public transport. Norwich railway station is only two miles away. Currently available for scout camping by those with a Greenfield camping permit, moves are underway to improve the facilities and enable its use by all. 
We are keen to share this wonderful facility with local groups who appreciate the sense of peaceful riverside isolation only half an hour on foot from central Norwich.
Enquiries should be made in the first instance to book secretary Anita Diaper


To find out more or book a stay contact Colin, on 07802 706826 or