Welcome to your new role scouting in Southern Norwich District. Helping young people develop is one of the most rewarding things you can do. You will get a lot from the role and will feel justly proud of your young people and I bet that within a few months you say something like “my scouts” we all have.

The attached welcome pack will give you a starting point and some contacts. If you need any help with anything please feel free to ask. I would recommend that you attend a new leader day. These are run twice a year and are designed for new leaders and will help you find where all the information you are given fits together. 

Lastly I would like to thank you for volunteering your time. Volunteers are vital to our success and I want to ensure that you get the support you need, please just ask if you need anything. 


Adult Appointments in Scouting

To hold an adult appointment you must be aged 18 or over. Some are uniformed, some involve working directly with young people.

Non uniformed appointments

These include occasional helper, administrator, chairperson, executive committee member, secretary, treasurer, and supporter and section assistants.

Uniformed appointments

These are section leader, assistant section leader, group scout leader, section assistants, district commissioner and assistant district commissioner.

 All those holding a uniformed appointment are required to wear uniform and take a promise appropriate to their beliefs.

 Training requirements

Most roles require some kind of training, be it formal or informal. You will be allocated a training adviser (TA), who will help you through all aspects of training.

 Training is based around two key parts, learning and validation. Your previous experience or skills can be used to replace any learning, there are also on line and some formal learning events. Once a piece of learning is complete it needs to be validated to demonstrate your knowledge and meet minimum standards. This can be completed by various methods including observation, photos or discussion.

 Important notes

Attending the appointment interview within five months is compulsory. The appointment committee meets once every two months and ifyou can’t make either date you must arrange an alternative with the appointments secretary (see contact list) You should meet and discuss your appointment with your manager before attending.

 Completing the adult training scheme is also compulsory and there is a time limit. You have 5 months to complete “getting started” (which is modules 1, 2 and either 3 or 4 depending on your role) and safety and safeguarding.

 You also need to complete an enhanced DBS check. Your line manager will help you through this process. If you have any problems in this regard please contact Tony Buttifant (see contact list)

If you do not comply with these requirements your appointment can be cancelled.

New leader day

The district runs an induction day and you are strongly advised to attend. The day includes practical examples, advice and where and how all the information fits in. There are two per year, April and September.

 Help and advice

If you have any problems, with anything, during the appointment process please get in touch with Andy (details on the contact list)

 Key policies

The Scout Association holds certain values highly and expects an appropriate level of behaviour from its members. It also has several key policies and expects members to uphold them at all times. These are faith and spirituality, equal opportunity, safety, child protection and anti-bullying. You will find out more about these policies but if you wish to read them you can find them in a document called Policy organisation and rules (POR) at scouts.org.uk

 What does Scouting do?

Scouting exists to actively engage and support young people in their personal development, empowering them to make a positive contribution to society.  

Scouting takes place when young people, in partnership with adults, work together based on the values of Scouting and enjoy what they are doing and have fun,

take part in activities indoors and outdoors, learn by doing, share in spiritual reflection, take responsibility and make choices, undertake new and challenging activities and make and live by their Promise.

 How Norfolk Scouting is organised

Scout groups (10 to 15 per district)

Supported by 

Nine Districts

Supported by 

Norfolk County


Volunteer journey

You can find a video of the volunteer journey here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3AaVtfnRq1k  Please click to view the chart "Page 4"  in relation to learning requirements.

Sections for young people

Beavers section started in 1986 are aged 6 to 8

Cub section started in 1916 are aged 8 to 10

Scout section started in 1907 are aged 10 to 14

 Explorer section started in 2002 are aged 14 to 18

 Network started in 2002 aged 18 to 25

 Where to get information

There are simply huge amounts of resources available and the sooner you get involved in the planning process the sooner you will get used to them and what they provide. Some of these are

Scouts.org.uk – The Scout Association website

In the Members tab you will find

Policy organisation and rules (POR) https://members.scouts.org.uk/supportresources/search?cat=480

Compass (membership system) https://members.scouts.org.uk/supportresources

Disclosures (criminal vetting portal) https://members.scouts.org.uk/supportresources

programmes online (program ideas “off the peg”) https://members.scouts.org.uk/supportresources

Norfolkscouts.org.uk – the County website to keep up to date with news

Scouting magazine – news updates and ideas can be found online https://members.scouts.org.uk/supportresources/search?cat=810

Typing in “games for scouts” into google produced 25,600,000 results!

Norfolk Scouts Sharing Centre – a face book page for leaders, the district also has a page

The District web page can be found at snscouts.org

Don’t forget your fellow adults have huge experience and most have “done that before” I’m sure they will help you.


Some common terms explained


BSL                Beaver scout leader

ABSL              Assistant beaver scout leader

CSL                Cub scout leader

ACSL             Assistant Cub scout leader

SL                   Scout leader

ASL                Assistant scout leader

SA                   Section assistant

GSL                Group Scout Leader

ESL                Explorer scout leader

AESL              Assistant Explorer scout leader

DNC               District Network Commissioner

DYC               District Youth Commissioner

DC                  District Commissioner

ADC               Assistant District Commissioner

DCC               Deputy County Commissioner

CC                  County Commissioner

OH                  Occasional helper

TA                   Training adviser

LTM                Local training manager

NAP                Nights away permit

NAA                Nights away adviser

Colony           A Beaver section

Pack               A Cub section

Troop              A Scout section

Unit                 An Explorer section

Lodge             A group of 5 or 6 Beavers

Six                  A group of 5 or 6 Cubs

Patrol              A group of 5 or 6 Scouts

Investiture     A ceremony to become a member where a promise is taken

Flag break     A ceremony at the start of a camp, event, start of a day or evening program

Flag down     A Lowering of the flag at the end of any of the above

Executive      The governing committee of a County, District or group

Council          The adults in a County, District or group plus some specific young people. 


Southern Norwich District



Andy Keats                            District Commissioner                                   andy.keats@norfolkscouts.org.uk                         01508 499449

Tony Buttifant                        Deputy District Commissioner                        tony­­_buttifant@hotmail.com

Lucy Keats                             Assistant District Comm’r Beavers                lucysouthernnorwichbeavers@gmail.com

Vacant                                    Assistant District Comm’r Cubs

Vacant                                    Assistant District Comm’r Scouts

Nicky Summers                     District Explorer Scout Comm’r                     desc@snscouts.org

Barbara Muntendam              Local training Manager                                 b.muntendam@norfolkscouts.org.uk                        

Christine Kemp                       Appointments Secretary                               christine.kemp@kempy.co.uk